Under 35: Nba Sandbox Podcast

The Nba Sandbox Podcast, behind the scenes

1) Hi guys, you are the creators of NBA Sandbox Podcast, let’s start with the name, who had the idea?

Legend says that the choice of name was the result of a flash of genius, the outcome of teamwork and cooperation among six members, the real strength of the podcast. Choosing the name was more difficult than standing each other. After several disastrous brainstorming sessions Pozz conceives something that he only knows but sounds good and the group gives the nod, wearing us down.

Given the game away, what is the meaning of the word?

“Sandbox is a trend word in the tech world, which took inspiration from the fences for kids.” These are the words provided by Pozz himself for the occasion. Personally, I (Dreik) have just found out the meaning, two years later. But let’s continue with the explanation: basically the sandbox represents a place where you can do and say what you want without worrying about the consequences. In addition, no one else would ever choose an unpronounceable name to start a podcast on the NBA, without a true bond with the Italian language and completely disconnected from the world of basketball.

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The story of the podcast

2) When did you launch the podcast?

It gets hard to answer this question in an accurate and punctual way, because finding the real date of birth would be reductive. We have been friends for a lifetime and we have shared everything from the away games of the minor championships to the NBA playoffs cheering for our teams. An “old lone wolf” joined the group to escape responsibilities and look for a second youth. Therefore Nba Sandbox is the media adaptation of the basketball chats and arguments widely present in our lives. We launched the first episode on Christmas Day. The rest is history.

3) Why isn’t NBA Sandbox Podcast the usual basketball podcast?

If you have come to the third question, you have already understood why we are different. Never take yourself seriously. The atmosphere is absolutely informal and the listener should feel at ease. We hypothesize that our audience should be like us, in other words, a fan who wants to talk about Nba without necessarily having a journalistic or statistical explanations. This is Nba Sandbox. Your favorite table in your favorite brewery, where chatting in full flow with old friends about the most beautiful and fascinating sport in the world.

The present and the future


Nba Sandbox Podcast’s crew

4) How is the format evolving?

Looking back, we have come a long way since the first, timid attempts to talk into that “blessed” microphone. The podcast is growing with us and the awareness to offer a format that firstly entertains us. In this way we are sure that listeners should enjoy or abhor our true essence, without filter. There are many ideas from the addition of new topics, to the involvement of guests and pundits of other realities. All of this not forgetting the participation at live events which, due to the global pandemic, have lost currency. This step is and will be important in order to be in contact with the community, the real added value of our work.

5) 5 good reasons to convince those who still don’t know you, to start following you

To be honest, we have 6 reasons to follow us. Lollo, Ricky, Jokke, Silve, Pozz and Dreik will accompany you during the current and next NBA seasons, analyzing each game and action. No, that is not true! We will not analyze anything. As you might have guessed, simply we will laugh together on what offers this crazy world.
Quoting Jokke, the wise “Testosterone, touchiness, always out of place, a contempt for modern monotony, an unconcealed inclination for alcoholism. And this is only Dreik, then there are other five crazy guys who should not express their opinions in public. “

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