New York and the air Basketball2O

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Over two weeks in Brooklyn, I have a room in a quite neighborhood, surrounded by spots and restaurants. When I reached the apartment, my kind roommates, showed me the building. Breathtaking view of Manhattan from the rooftop, definitely amazing. While I was taking a look at our block, I noticed a basketball court close to us: Taaffe Playground. Well-known and popular among young people of Clinton Hill, it is one of the basketball courts in the New York metropolitan area.

Nba and great basketball players are two of the main reasons why New York is so famous worldwide. Don’t forget this city is one of the capitals of street basketball.

New York. home of the street basketball

B-ball is everywhere, here is culture and lifestyle, not only a sport. If someone would change the chemical formula of air in New York, it might be Basketball2O for sure.

Couple days ago, I was walking through Brooklyn Heights when I bumped into a basketball court. Close to a overpass, on the edge of a street, enclosed by a wire mesh fence. I stopped for a while to see the game, two men on their fifties and two guys 20 years younger than them, were playing on the field. They were passionate and scrappy.

Here basketball is a ageless passion, it flows in veins. One of the best scene, I have seen since now, is about young hoopaholics (literally basketball lovers that put basketball as a priority).

Tall, short, athletic or not, I met them out of school and all had a basketball. They started to pass the ball on the sidewalk among people, then ran to the closest court.

Walking down the street I got the chance to capture details, frames of sport and friendship.

Wandering and sometimes getting lost in this city, I discovered several basketball courts and I selected the most impressive to tell on my blog. Hope you will look around these playgrounds on your next trip to New York.

Chiara Mezzini
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