Kiariladyboss: an influencer in New York at MSG

1) Hi Kiara, you are an Italian entrepreneur based in New York. For those who don’t know you, what do you do in life?

Hi Chiara, first of all I want to say that it’s cool to be part of your blog, thank you.
I have multiple tasks: firstly I am the boss of myself, owner of New York City 4 All since 2014, an online travel agency that offers tourist services as pass for attractions, transfers, mini cruises, tours by bus and several tailor-made walking tours.

I am on social media and thanks to my brand Kiariladyboss, I create contents about New York, USA, travels and entrepreneurs (above all women) and also stories of immigrants and visas with a colorful touch that shows my hidden face or less known, very often I also define myself as Vlogger and Content Creator, taking part of previews of events in the Big Apple.

I offer advices to visit New York for short or long term, but also what concerns the world of social media getting the fundamentals to grow and what to focus on.
Besides, collaborating with Kaplan, I am intermediary to sign up to English classes in the branches of the cities in the US and worldwide and often I have promotions on those classes.

I also offer Italian and English classes online through video calls. Many news are coming for those who would like to work as freelance or be indipendent.

2) On August, 2019 you were invited to join the Media All Access Tour at Madison Square Garden. Which memories do you have of that experience?

It was exciting. Firstly because I was selected among media and press to join the preview of “All Access Tour al Madison Square Garden”, it was a new experience and I got the opportunity to interview and take some pictures with the legendary Larry Johnson and John Starks as well as Darren Pfeffer the vice president of MSG.

You can find further information on the purchase of the tickets in the article on my blog.

3) The tour allows to visit the whole building and the VIP area. According to you, which was the most exciting area?

The VIP Area, the locker room and also being on the court of one of the most famous arena worldwide without public and having the whole arena available. I can’t imagine the feelings of a player, singer or athlete that has the chance to perform on that stage!

After all, Madison Square Garden became legendary for the fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Alì and hosted international artists as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Queen, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many more.

Knicks locker room at Madison Square Garden

4) You have lived in New York since many years and thanks to your work, you know neighborhoods and boroughs. Is there a basketball court or a mural that impressed you?

Almost 9 years, it is unbelievable. It occured me the mural on basketball in the East Village that I recommended you and that connected us since our friendship “has begun” there and the basketball court realized by Nike in the Lower East Side. We went there together last year and I took one of my favourite pictures of you. When you will come back to New York, we will arrange a tour in the basketball courts and take some shots.

Here is the picture that Kiara mentioned in the intervew. What do you think about it?



Chiara Mezzini
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